Ultimate Guide to take care of your watches

The Ultimate Guide to take care of watches


When you've purchased a luxury watch, you expect the timepiece to stay in a healthy condition. For watches to last for lifetime, it is essential on your part to make efforts for maintaining its value from time to time. A high-end watch means you need to handle it with extra care, but there some techniques which should be followed to make them work for long time.


To take care of luxury watches, here are some of the tips you should follow:


Care for straps:


In case you've purchased a luxury watch with a leather strap and your job involves exposure to water, then make sure you remove it before dealing with this kind of work. Leather straps easily get damaged or discolored due to water. If it gets harmed badly, get the straps replaced from the same authorized brand dealer or distributor. Replacing it with fake straps is a big no as this only make it look ugly.


Get maintenance on time:


If you've purchased a high-end mechanical watch, you must be clearly aware that it features smallest parts and intricate details. For the normal wear and tear of such luxury watches, it is significant that regular maintenance is carried out. Seasonal changes like rains can cause moisture to get inside the dial, which could stop the watch from functioning in some cases. In such situations, it is better to seek help from horologist to ensure the lifelong running of luxury watches.


Magnetic forces:


The functioning of watches gets interrupted due to magnetic forces. Avoid wearing luxury timepieces where the force of the permanent magnet is high like those refrigerator hook magnets and speakers. Often, the performance may get severely damaged and in such situations to get completely repaired by experts.


The Proper case for storage:


One of the tip for taking care of luxury watch is storing it in the proper case. This will help you maintain it for a long time and stays away from possible scratches or accidents. A soft storage space will also ensure that your timepiece will remain secured from dust and contaminants.

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